At Mosman Fine Dental, we pride ourselves on providing pain-free dentistry. People are often put off coming to the dentist by bad previous experiences. This gets people stuck in a vicious cycle, leading to unhealthier mouths that cause pain and suffering to resolve.

Our dentists and hygienists use an array of gentle pain-free techniques, including Happy Gas (nitrous oxide sedation), Sleep Dentistry (conscious IV sedation) and Hypnosis with Dr Sandra Pedram.

Conscious IV sedation is a very popular service which we run monthly with our experienced sedationist Dr Simon Briggs. It differs from a general anaesthetic because you can still breathe on your own whilst asleep under the effects of the sedation drip, rather than going into hospital to be ventilated by a machine.

These services allow us to undertake all dental treatments, big or small, in a stress free and pain free manner while ensuring your comfort and safety.

To discuss the various options for pain free dentistry, contact the team at Mosman Fine Dental and we will be happy to help you.

Mosman Fine Dental Special Field Dentistry - Sleep Dentistry