There are many benefits to having straight teeth and a good bite. Other than having beautifully aligned teeth, how your teeth meet affects your face shape, ability to eat, your speech and how you keep your teeth clean.

In children, early management of orthodontic problems are key to long term success and our experienced dentists will routinely assess your child’s facial growth and development as they grow, and make age-appropriate recommendations such as expanders, removable orthodontic appliances and two-phase braces to ensure your child’s optimal jaw development.

Orthodontics have come along way since the days of metal “train tracks”. The team at Mosman Fine Dental can now provide you with porcelain ‘white’ brackets, lingual braces that attach to the inner tooth surface, and Invisalign™ invisible plastic retainers. With these advancements, having your teeth straightened, whether you’re a teenager or an adult, no longer has to be awkward and uncomfortable.