We encourage kids from the age of one to start attending the dentist and understand that your child’s first dental experience is an important one. We try to ensure this is a positive experience to help them feel comfortable at the dentist. Our dentists and hygienists will take time to get to know your child and build rapport with them before undertaking any treatments. We can help parents and carers establish good home oral care routines for your children whilst making it fun and rewarding.

It is well recognised that children who are used to coming to the dentist from a young age seldom develop dental phobias and enjoy better dental health throughout life. Our practice adopts a preventative philosophy regarding children’s teeth. We follow the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations on preventative Fissure Sealants (pain free protective coatings over molar teeth) at the appropriate ‘milestone’ ages, to ensure that children’s teeth have the best chance of not getting dental cavities later on.

To book your child in for a dental appointment, contact the friendly team at Mosman Fine Dental and we’ll be happy to look after them and make sure they enjoy the experience. We also offer a special Kids’ Day that you can bring them along to and get them comfortable with attending the dentist.