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Your Menu For Better Dental Health

//Your Menu For Better Dental Health

We all know refined sugar is bad for your dental health but did you know that naturally occurring sugars in fruit juice can also hurt your teeth? Here’s a quick check list of what’s good and bad for your dental health to help you make better choices, every day.


  • Dairy products especially cheese – opt for unflavoured milk and yoghurts as they may have considerable amounts of sugar
  • Water – yep every time. Have a glass of water after a sticky sweet morsel to reduce the risk of dental decay

Not So Good

  • Sugary, sticky food such as caramel, jellybeans and even raisins that contain the natural sugar, fructose
  • Refined carbohydrates like chips and pasta can create bacteria that produces acid that eats away at your teeth
  • Carbonated drinks such as soft drinks can be laden with sugar. Even diet versions can be harmful as they contain phosphorus your tooth enamel.
  • Sports drinks claim to health benefits but many contain a lot of sugar so beware!

It’s easy to improve your dental health by making some healthy nutrition choices.

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